Free Stuff For Other People to Have

This is the thread where you give stuff away cuz it’s fine but not quite right for you. assume your paying shipping.

garmont flash gtx 9 men’s. minor heat repairs on the seam of the tongue. does not affect function of shoe. very good shape, barely fits me with thin socks

i’ll vacuum them if you want em

more items coming. free plus whatever shipping costs

beat me to the punch!

you are the punch. i am but a vessel.

Any local big bois want a 64cm giant hi ten road bike frame?

alright folckx, here’s some closet cleaning for y’all. most shirts are men’s XS-S, 38" or so unless otherwise noted. most pants are 29-30 W x 30-32 L

Wrangler snap button shirt, hammy from @willie_dustice that supwife doesn’t like on me. marked 15 1/2-33

Uniqlo flannel, very soft, standard weight

Kelly Slater pre-Outerknown Quiksilver stretch boardies, not lined, ~7" inseam.

Uniqlo grey selvedge, 29W, blue ID, lilac chainstitch hem at ~31"

lightweight H&M chinos, grey, marked 30 but are slim fit. wear on top of thighs

TAF camo Dockers alpha slim chinos, 29x30. I love these and wish they still fit

Muji shorts, soft brushed cotton green/grey, ~9" inseam

Uniqlo Japanese selvedge, rigid but soft, basically unworn. 29x32

Brixton heavy flannel, marked S but fits like a M, soft and nice shirt. I only don’t wear this because it makes me feel more Chicano than lumberjack

Scotch & Soda spread collar shirt, navy, back of right arm patched with Japanese print fabric in a nice boro way. Slim fit small.

lightweight Uniqlo terry hoodie, nicely broken in. I just don’t wear this one

I wore this to my sixth grade dance supwife likes this dress but it doesn’t fit her. Maeve brand. fits like a 6 except for the ribs which are a 4

lightweight J Crew flannel from the good years. marked XS but fits like S. sad to lose this one

supwife wore this for a college scholarship interview. size 6 from Anthropologie, herringbone brushed cotton that feels like wool with floral embroidery

lightweight Western shirt from a street market in Asia, marked L but fits like XS. super tiny neck if you wanted to button it all the way. proper snaps.

very soft Rails women’s lightweight herringbone flannel. marked S, would fit someone with a smaller chest

floral Maeve dress, size S with attached slip, would fit anyone who fits into it. supwife loves this but I don’t

white linen H&M shirt, S. I wore this in Cuba a few years ago but it’s too tight in the chest/shoulders for me

got this one from a Korean brand in Manila, Asian M/US XS. white with pink houndstooth micro print, trim collar.

I really like this J Crew sweater, heathered natural with black. wool/acrylic blend. a little itchy. S

nicely worn in Oxford shirt from a French brand, Jules. self fabric elbow patches, white collar and cuff liner, selvedge on cuffs. had it darted to slim it

30x32 Nudie skinny jeans samples, mild stretch not selvedge, worn <5 times. they don’t look like stretch jeans but weren’t flattering on me

sad to lose this one too. J Crew slim XS from the good years. lightweight cotton with a beautiful asymmetric pattern

Scotch & Soda lightweight cotton jumper, S. I felt like Waldo in this one but maybe you can pull it off

supwife accidentally shrunk this Patagonia woven shirt. she wore it on our first date in Maui. marked 2, fits like a 0 in the chest now. @jordanpattern this would probably fit

Scotch & Soda lightweight denim Western, marked M but fits S. super soft, at least 10 years old

TAF Patagonia women’s Baggies, marked M but are pretty tiny.

very special and broken-in selvedge Levis York, button fly, super skinny, 29x34. repaired several times. I stole these from a shitty ex (they’re mens jeans) and rode in these for years because they were my only jeans. was probably wearing them when I met @spaghetti_if_its_possible. Burt’s Bees mark in the coin pocket.

Cheap Monday button fly dad jeans. I wore these for studio and projects so they have paint and stuff on them.


definitely in it for that hoodie. would probably take a few more items but my one hoodie i own is getting tired of being my only hoodie (read:my wife is getting tired of it being my only hoodie)

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30x32 columbia omnishield pants. feel nice but are slightly too small for me waist wise. i generally wear a 30 but if i bend over the snap unsnaps

L to R- levi’s
508 30x30 grey ish denim. a bit distressed but bit dead
508 30x30 black denim. very good shape. tbh they look newish. p sure i have two pairs fitting this description
510 29x30 less black but p good shape

some defeet socks. medium. is what it is

Imma be disappointed if @viggen doesn’t scoop up one of those dresses for some photos.

2x pairs of wranglers

these are the real deal, copper rivets etc.


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consider it dibbed

scarpa trail runners and brooks pure connect. both are borderline too tight with cycling socks- i typically wear a regular-ass 42/9. my cat may have done some work on the laces, but they’re free

Ain’t no way this 6’2" booty can fit in those…


Anyone a 6’2"+ person of moderate substance? I’ve got a box of “Medium Tall” stuff my dad got me a few years ago but feels huge on me at 6"1’ 180lb. A wool sweater and a couple of button up shirts. They’re all new.

dips on the Jules & Nudie

i’ll try these if no one else wants them. been curious about white pants life.

6’4" 200lb sup

alright y’all there is competing interest in some of the denim, @featherduster is first in line for the Nudies; @biek wants the cheap mondays and some uniqlo denim; @jawn_doe is next in line for nudies— which scotch & soda did you want also?

I think the nascent spirit of hammies is to dibs in the thread so people know what you’re interested in and then go to DMs for logistics if that’s cool

Give @jawn_doe the Nudies & I’ll try out the very Specials?

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oh. the denim one. i cannot pull off waldo either. i’m also not a denim connoisseur so if i have more jeans that’s cool, if not it ain’t the end of the world

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