Free to a Good Home: Women's Size 10.5 Hokas

I am a dumbass and I accidentally bought a pair of women’s 10.5 Hokas instead of men’s 10.5. I guess I got excited by the purple stripe and neglected to look at the gender. And then I wore them for a day despite the fact that they were curiously tight and short, so I can’t return them.

So these are free to a good home if you know a woman with generously proportioned feet. They have been worn for about 6 hours. I suppose if you are male and you have roughly size 9.5 feet that are NARROW you’ll fit in these as well, but I’d rather give them to someone who is sure they will fit.

I can also donate these but thought I’d ask here first.


i would probably fit these well. and will totally repost here if they don’t work!

Ok pm your address

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Women’s 10.5 is a men’s 9, not 9.5, just FYI.

Still want them?

yes. i’m usually smack between a 42 and a 42.5. i’ll 100% post them right back here if they don’t work though

Please stop mansplaining women’s shoe sizes to us


Goddammit this is ‘Mercia, speak in American shoe sizes or leave!!!