Free, you pay ship

We are moving, so trying to get rid of some stuff.
free, you pay shipping.

not much left.

philips alarm clock with lighting
xt shark fin
shimano rs785 brake
surly chain tensioner
garmin cadence sensor
supacaz tubeless valves
2 tandem stoker stems
spurcycle or rockbros bell, 2 incredibells
bar ends
rs685 hoods
liv saddle
rockbros barmits, l/xl? flat bar
2 finishline lube pads
going to the curb next weekend.

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What sizes are the stoker stems?

Tentative stems dibs plus bar ends, valves, saddle and a bell

i’m really not sure. they came off of a bunch of different things. the silver one is like a 29.8 seatpost? bar clamps are all either 25.4 or 26.0

is the clamp on the non-incredibell 25.4 or 31.8?

pretty sure it’s the smaller clamp

Rockbros/spurcycle bell, chain tensioner, XT sharkfin please.


where ya moving to?

across the park to clement st

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Is that Phillips alarm clock the one that wakes you up with a fake sunrise light?

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I’ll take the pogies if they are still not claimed.

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yes, it was really great when i was waking up at 430am for work

I’ll take the clock.

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I’ll take the brake and the hoods please.

Haha this reminded me that I decided I need new hoods on my 685 levers last week. Only 4 hours too late!

Received! Many thanks.

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