french seatposts

i’m trying to build up an old peugeot. i’ve never had to dig around for a french seatpost. where the hell can i buy one of these/is it even possible?

according to the late great Sheldon Brown’s website (RIP) older French bikes typically used 28.0 seatposts… just look around for one of those or find another old french bike to make some donations (or if you’re in a town with some sort of bike coop, maybe see what you can find in their junk bin). Of course, you might want to try to confirm that it actually takes a 28.0 seatpost before you go dropping any cash on a post.

Get some calipers to measure the seattube diameter. My wife’s Peugeot took the rare 24mm post. Finally found one on eBay for $40.

Seatposts don’t know if they are French or not, just go by the diameter.

one my brother had took some kind of quill post with a bolt on the top under the seat. even fully loosened it wouldn’t come out. that thing sucked.

im just gonna shim this gitane frame i got.

As someone said before, get some calipers or have your shop measure the seat tube. The nationality is secondary.

french suck…

they measured it out to something a little under 24. 23.8 or some terrible number. we dont know if it requires a clamping seat tube. this stupid frame we bought for 50 bucks is turninginto a huge pain in the ass.

Unless it is rare or collectible cut your losses and mark it in the “lessons learned” column. Don’t worry, everyone that tinkers with bikes eventually has their French bike catastrophe/clusterfuck/money pit.

ditch that shit for reals

Viva La France!