Front Brakes?

I need some help. I just finished building my beater fixed bike. A conversion from a 79 road bike. Here is the situation:

I built the bike to be able to commute in SF to and from school. So I need to put a front brake on it, just to be on the safe side.

Sorry for the crappy cell pic.
See the huge gap?
What would be the solution?!

You need some long reach brakes. Make sure you measure first so you get the right reach. That is big enough that you might need either a drop bolt rig or a BMX style long reach caliper.

Measure the reach from the center of the brake mount to the center of the rim on the braking surface.

For more on a drop bolt, as always, Sheldon knows:

Tektro makes some long reach brake calipers called R556. They have a reach of 55-73mm.

ahh im having the same problem on a townie bike build ive been working on too long.
currently i am searching for a later model 700c fork made for short-reach brakes. since i already bought a brakeset. personally, i think that would be the best fix, since you can probably pick up decent short-reach brakes fairly cheap off ebay or bargain bins. i got a set of veloce brakes for $30 shipped.

This is how you measure :

i have a super long reach bmx one i can sell to you. cheap!

it’s all black and never used

or just buy this- brake and lever, super long reach ... px?sc=FRGL

[quote=“Daft Monk”]Tektro makes some long reach brake calipers called R556. They have a reach of 55-73mm.
Daft Monk wins. These are your solution.

I am not so sure. I would measure first. That looks like a lot of reach needed in the OP’s picture.

Trust me. I have an internet ruler.

I thought about it after clicking submit and figured I should have said, "Well, measure first and then realize this is your solution.

I have a 27" wheel I can sell you.
It’s vintage!

Just sold a set of r556’s to a guy yesterday who had a similar situation. Measure first, of course, but those should be a swell solution. And at only 17 bucks or so a piece, they’re a fine value, I reckon.

A set of Kool Stops makes them even finer. The other danger is that the fork is drilled for a nutted brake rather than the more modern recessed brake bolt. If that is the case you may need to drill.

I had this problem, and went to a bike recyclery and bought a nutted old brake with plenty long reach- if this is an option, give it a shot.

I think sam did the right thing and so should OP.
I live for recycled bike parts.

Hey thanks guys. I’m actually going to bring it to my friend’s shop tomorrow and get them to put one on because i need one like soon…

thanks for all the help!

On my ex-conversion (a late 70s Nishiki International) I had to run 700c wheels in 27" spaces; I had the same gap as the OP. The Tektros didn’t reach, I had to get the Cane Creek SCR-3Ls (or something like that, it’s a long version of a standard Cane Creek caliper.)


Edit: here’s a pic so you can see the gap I had to make the brakes reach across:

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