FS - 1983 57cm Trek 520 fork/frame/headset

I’ve got a 1983 Trek 520 frame/fork/headset to get rid of. I got it as a replacement for my stolen 61cm of the same model until I could find another 61 (which I have now). 57cm ctt (trek called it 22.5”) Reynolds 501, 9/6/9 std diameter, relatively low trail, good for 650b conversions. I don’t really feel like shipping it, but any Seattle area people could have it for like $40 or something. I could throw in Tektro 539 or 559 bolt on brakes for another $10 too, if you wanted ‘em. Anybody?

IMG_4655 IMG_4656 IMG_4657 IMG_4658

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My buddy needs a 57cm bike like this, got any other parts that you could sell with it?

I’m Seattle area, and I’m commuter dithering.

Those r559 are the 650b conversion ones, right? I’m assuming that there fuck all for clearance without going 650b, since 1893 road bike.

All I have is spare is the brakes.

It was originally 27x 1 1/8. With 700c, it fits 28mm tires with good fender clearance, maybe 32’s with iffy clearance. I never tried 35mm tires, but they’d fit without fenders, depending on the brake used.

I suspect 650b would be for sure with 38mm, but probably would need chainstay crimping to fit 42. The tektro 559’s ought to reach, although I have not actually stuck a wheel in there.

These are pretty sweet, if I was still in Seattle it would be in my basement by now.

Should fit 700x32 with fenders no problems, assuming you are decent at fender set up. Highly likely 650bx42 with fenders will fit without modification, but might need to terminate the rear fender above the chainstays.

Nice normal 68mm bsa shell, 28.6 FD clamp, 27.2 seatpost, etc.

Slightly annoying things: requires a clamp-on downtube housing stop (or clamp-on DT shifters). (Or robo shifting I guess). Only one set of bottle bosses.

Old Treks are universally well made, in my experience. From bottom of the line to top, every one I’ve owned has been nicely done.

jimmy right, i have 48mm fenders on my trek that is a few years older than this one and had to terminated above the chainstays.
i fit a friend’s 650x38 in there

OK, $40? where you at? I’d definitely like the brakes too.

I’m right off of Sand Point, kind of near Children’s Hospital. I’ll just throw in the brakes. I’ll pm my address/phone.