FS: 2004 Kona Explosif

I sold this bike to a friend about a year ago, now I’m helping him sell it. He’d like to get around $300 for it. I bought the frame from @jimmythefly about 2 years ago. I built up the Stan’s/Shimano wheels with db Sapim spokes, it’s got a nashbar 29er fork on it, built it up as a camping bike but a 20" frame is just a bit small for me at 6’5". Tubeless Stan’s tires, 1x10 SRAM x7/x9, Shimano wet dicks, it’s a rad bike and I wish it was an inch or two larger so I could welcome it back into my life.

Is it set up 69er? Or? What is that front rack?

I sold it to you! I think as frame and headset only, and with both the sliding geared dropouts and the SS dropouts.

I am mildly interested, but probably as frame+parts to save on hassle shipping. Do you think he might be open to that?

It’s full 26", the 29er fork is to relax the head angle a bit. I built the rack out of some scrap tubing to fit the fork. I sold it with the extra ss dropout and I hope he still has it to go along with the rest of the bike.

He wants to sell it complete to make some space in his apartment.

That thing is sweet.

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