FS: 26" rim brake wheels

I’m replacing the wheels on the tandem, so i’m selling these off.
26", shimano LX hubs. rear is 36, i cant remember if the front is 36 or 32. Rhynolite rims. i built them, pretty sure sapim double butted spokes and brass nips.
$100 ish plus shippling? i just want them to get some use, and i dont want to build a whole 26" basket bike around them

Also have 650b fixed/free flip flop wheels.

what are these 650b wheels?

VO Diagonal rims laced to chinese purple track hubs. off the retired pink and purple bike.

How much are you looking for for those 650b wheels?

goddam, everywants the stupid wheels not the useful wheels.


If anyone else wants more 26" wheels, I’ve got like 1 or 2 sets each or disc and rim brake as well :laughing:

If I could find someone who wanted a bespoke fop chariot with 26" wheels I’d be all over it, but, alas no.

Get out

j/k I did sort of the same thing

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I want the deadender wheels but I’m already hoarding an extra set so I shouldn’t :cry:

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sup’s Bridgestone could use a new rear wheel (The rim is shot and I’ve been putting off lacing a new rim)

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oh yeah and i’d love to see if my gitane rtrack could fit a supple 650b