FS: Big Agnes and Seat To Summit Sleeping pads.

Two sleepy pads for sale, prices not incl. shipping. I only have my image of their stuffed size handy, the links are to the best I could find of inflated and with specs listed. Both are in excellent condition, zero holes, aired out after each trip and stored dry.

Big Agnes Air AXL. In non-insulated 25x72 sizeway.
Used maybe 3 nights at most. Big and comfy, I went with light weight but larger size for my, ahem, clydesdale-shaped self.
I was fine with it solo, but just too noisy for family camping with a 6y old trying to sleep next to you. Damn it is so small and light though, wish I could keep it. I was fine down to 45°, but many reviewers feel this is a summer-only pad.
Also great for floating in lakes at your campsite.

Sea To Summit Comfort Light Insulated Regular.
Used less than 8 nights by Mrs.TheFly, since I was getting rid of the Big Agnes, she decided to also swap hers for something different. Note the stuff sack doubles as an inflation bag.

Dibs on BA
Edit: scratch that. In my haste I didn’t read the uninsulated part.

Will put a plug in for the sea to summit pad. I love mine. Super comfy and been warm on it down into the 20s.

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Dibs sea to summit