FS: Copenhagen wheel?

Is anyone interested in buying my Copenhagen Wheel? Thinking $550 shipped for tarck folks.
700c, not sure if it’s 130 or 135mm spacing. it seems to be in pretty good shape. charger included.

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Kind of want

Dm sent.


also been interested in this for my 90s hybrid


Do these things not suck? I just assumed that they suck.

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Surprisingly did not suck. Mostly just very limited range and no longer supported by the manufacturer

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I test rode one back in the day, it rode great. They really nailed the boost response vs pedal torque input.

But now that it’s a deadender product with no manufacturer support, it’s a countdown until the bearings cromch themselves and you’re SOL. IIRC you gotta crack the hub open to replace them, which means despoking the wheel, and required some manufacturer proprietary tools.

If for no other reason, buy it to complete, or start, your Andy Botwin cosplay setup.

hey, it’s just very limited support!
they were able to help me transfer over ownership from the old owner when i bought it