FS: Garmin Edge Explore 820 SOLD

Bought this for navigating new city, but never ended up really using it.
Charging cable included, but no mounting hardware.
$160 plus shipping special tarck price?

Interested. What did you think of it when you did use it?

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It was good if you downloaded a route off the web, or if you knew where you were going, but (at least in SF) it had a hard time making up point to point directions on the fly. It might be because it was having a hard time with the extreme elevation changes on certain roads and going overboard trying to avoid them.

It didn’t really work for me for navigating in the city. I’ve also got so much crap on my bars that I couldn’t find a good mounting solution, so it ended up in my jersey pocket most of the time, which made it just a really expensive tracker.

Sounds like it would work for my purposes (mainly planning different rides outside of the city for certain distances and time frames). I’ll pm my details.