FS: Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym

I’m finding that if i’m camping solo these days, i’m more likely to want to sleep on the ground. So selling off this Hennessy Hammock I’ve had since 2009.
Light useage, maybe 10 nights total.
Everything looks to still be in great shape. Includes hammock tent with velcro entry, rain fly, webbing straps, and snakeskins that make packing a lot easier.
$100 shipped? Looks like that’s around ebay prices, without some of the accessories.

Oooo these rule. Wish I ever went solo camping

I really liked it, but i never used it enough to really have a perfect time. When I got it, i think there were a lot fewer hammock camping accessories than there are now. I know i spent some cold nights in it that would have been better with the addition of a modern underquilt or pad.

Yeah I have the same hammock and I don’t use it much due to this. People I camp with don’t want to sleep in a hammock so I get stuck with spots that don’t work with hammocks. The best part about hammock camping is that you can set up camp in any spot you like in a forest. Not so much when people want a flat spot for their tents.

Tempting, but as I’ve fully committed to #hammocklyfe for nearly a decade, DIY solutions seem to be coming ever closer. What do you mean by “hammock tent” and were the snakeskins really all that?

It’s a fully enclosed hammock w/ rain fly. the snakeskins made it really easy to pack. they came with the tent when i ordered it. not sure i would order them on their own but they made packing and storing really easy.

I’ve never used the snakeskins but a friend has them. It makes the setup go from a minor headache to taking less than 5 minutes.

plus hammock never has to touch the ground.

I split my hammock in half this past fall (just hanging in the back yard), made me very sad – camped in that across the east coast a few years back, with an elastic bug net + hex tarp. Have been too lazy/stingy to replace it yet

but like everyone else, am I gonna solo camp again?? might be interested if sup would like her own hammock setup

Would $75 shipped tempt anyone more?

bump, open to any reasonable offer. $60 shipped right now.

Somebody buy that thing. It’s a good hammock.
I much prefer the zipper entry but if this has the bottom entry is that’s OK too.

Okay, so what are the perks of this hammock vs a cheapo Amazon one? I recently decided to upgrade to an integrated net and picked that one up, but having a different primary and making that the backup isn’t out of the question…

someone’s checking it out today.

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I have the same hammock being sold here and haven’t used any others. If I had to guess I’d say it comes down to durability. Suspending the weight of an adult human has to be stressful on the seams and materials of lightweight gear. I’ve been really surprised that it hasn’t had any durability issues as long as I’ve owned it. In particular I’ve been impressed that the netting has stayed in tact and fully attached to the hammock body

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