FS: Islabike Cnocc 14"

Little bitty bike for little bitty kids.

Our kid is not little bitty any longer, and it’s time for this sweet ride to go to a new home. Asking $300 obo

"We are the original owner of this Islabike purchased from the store in Portland. These are no longer for sale in the US as the Portland store has since closed. Such a great, lightweight bike. My son loved it!

Comes with manual and extra tube. Has a few small scuffs but overall in great shape. It is a single speed with front and rear hand brake and the mandatory coaster brake for this size bike. It took a time or two before my son got used to the brakes and pedals but otherwise he easily transitioned from a strider to this bike. He was able to pedal/ride it the first time he got on it on his 3rd birthday. For size reference he is outgrowing it now at about 45" tall."

Lol I’ve been meaning to post the same bike for sale. We should offer a discount for twins.



Oh shit, I was just starting to think of getting something with pedals for Frankie.