FS: sram gxp apex1 crankset, various bars; Easton EA50 bar+stem matchyyyy

Photos of bike parts: https://imgur.com/a/aE2qub9

172.5 40T Apex1 crankset. 20miles on the crankset. gxp $80 shipped

  • Easton EA50 AX 42mm bars
  • 90mm Easton EA50 stem
    Matching set for $65 shipped

other bars:

  • PNW Coast Bar 48cm $45 ship? look almost new
  • Nitto B135 42cm $40 ship?

Group deals would save a lot on shipping costs on my end…

how wide cowbell?

I believe they are 44. They measure 46 at the tips of drops

What’s the spindle diameter on the cronks?


I’ll take the jersey and the cowbells (if they aren’t dibsed)

How wide are the nitros?


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perhaps you meant this to be in a PM?

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Y’all please don’t spam us. We’re already getting two Company Store catalogs every month plus a bunch of stuff from Prana and Title 9. Don’t need more.


lucky for you i forgot to write it down. eventually i’ll sell you something and when i do

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