FS: tarck.bike


Heavily used, some staining, from plastic free home.
Approved buyers only, no offers.


Damn, too bad I was spending my big summer paycheck on bikes.
Oh well, I can own a small stake in the new jawn.

ps discourse is telling me that this isn’t a complete sentence so i’m making it a complete sentence to post it

There is a rule that people with under a certain number of posts need to post longer posts. Spam thing.

ah, thanks. i better get that post count up, then!

willing to part out?

How much for only the threads where the last post is from 200X?

Ship to texas?!?!!

Could I buy only the archived PMs? I wanna read the steamy correspondences between Zelah and Anita.

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Would you take $50?

I will take tarck.bike if you also give me $50

Dibs on Home Improvement + Tarckerior design threads

where are they now