FS: Turbo Vado SL w/ Clydesdale fork size Large

i feel like getting rid of this one, it’s just not getting ridden.

this is the one that got crashed, but ive been riding it around and its been fine and i was never able to find any damage to the frame at all.

i would do $2000 TARCK ONLY and i’d really really hate to ship it so i’ll say probably no shipping. if someone wants it minus the clydes fork that could happen too and it could ship.


I am curious about this minus the clydesdale setup

think would build it with my pink low trail elephant fork and its custom rack?

did it start off as this version? Vado SL 4.0 | Specialized.com

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yes, exactly that.
i was going to do an endpoint fork and rack for my other one. think it would work fine. the stock fork was a 9/8" straight steerer.
it’s weird hub spacing front and rear but if you put a different fork on it anyways, you can sort of choose your own adventure

looks like the rear is the normal 12x148 MTB Boost standard

and the original fork was the oddball 12x110 hybrid between standards that PVD insists is the only choice for rigid forks and everyone else is an idiot

I assume its original fork and front wheel are long dead?

does it have wiring connections for ebike powered headlight and tailight?

it’s wired for the lights and all the original lights still exist and work. i extended the wiring harness for the front light (voiding the warranty!) so that it went to the front of the rack. i did the same thing on my other bike. but it’s jsut an additional piece of wire with the correct spade connectors on each end.
the rear light is still routed through the seatpost as stock. you have to drop the motor out to pull that wiring out, but you could also just cut it and leave the wiring in and add your own external wiring if you want to add a dropper or whatever (i did this on my other one).
i have the original fork but it’s completely toast. i have the original working flat mount front brake too
i have the original 12x110 front hub but i’d prefer to keep it unless you really really want it. i could not find another fork that worked with it that made sense on this bike.

sweet, what’s the saddle height with the stock seatpost at minimum insertion?

my fork collection is all IS/PM so the mixed brakes are great

have no need for the weird hub, I think PVD was mixing DT endcaps to assemble his?

congrats, this bike made it to reddit


lol, where?


bummed i didn’t nominate this bike for a tarcklebee. seriously one of my favorites of all time


Yeah, that thing is legendary

What is that bike sub where nobody knows what a clydesdale fork is?


It’s Reddit dawg


BCJ is like old Tarck for normies