FS: Ultegra pedals, XT Trail Pedals, Rapha rain vest

shimano XT M8120 trail pedals. great condition. used for about a season and has sat for the past year. SOLD
Shimano Ultegra R8000 pedals. used by my SO, have prolly all about 500 miles before swapping to different pedals. SOLD
XS rapha pro team rain gilet. not used all that much honestly, i even have the original lil plastic bag it came in. would keep using this but my SO got me another vest. SOLD.

more photos can be found HERE

I’ll take the Ultegra pedals.

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I want the XT pedals, but they’re too pretty to be smashed on rocks.

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those pedals are impressively scratch and bash free for a year of riding, props

lots of XC singletrack, what can I say?

damn it

XS vest? You’re widdle.

someone’s gotta wear this xs stuff