Fuck a Messenger Bag

I just got my Ortlieb panniers in last week and now I’m wondering why the fuck it took me so long to ditch that dumbass Chrome bag I used to lug around everywhere. These things are fantastic. They can carry fucking everything, and when I get to where I’m going, they take all of half a second to remove from the back of my bike. When I come back, they clip right back on and stay there. This is a new chapter in my life.

Chapter 2: Total Fucking Fred.

Nah I’m just kidding, you’re a beautiful man.

Now everyone will be able to see your glorious Led Zeppelin Primal Wear Jersey! And you’ll no longer catch that pesky bag strap on your helmet-mounted rearview mirror!

I know, right? All this time, nobody has been able to see what’s on the back of my shirt when I’m riding my bike.

No longer.

Look there he goes!!


Woah! With clipless sandles n’ everything!!!

Look at that bar angle.

Jackass Fred of the Day.

Sure they’re nice for groceries, but I take my chrome to classes and shit. Definitely different playing field, especially since I don’t have/want a rack on my FG.

so when he’s riding the hoods does he just put his hands on the outside of the bars and rest all his weight right on his thumb or what?

and holy god, I didnt think I’d ever see anyone with those clipless sandals.

I love my ortliebs.
I use them every day for work and play!

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]I love my ortliebs.
I use them every day for work and play![/quote]

Do I see ortlieb’s new slogan!?

I’ve found many uses for my panniers, but the rack is on the bike I dont ride as much. If I’m doing a massive grocery haul or something I usually take the panniers, but I’ve found 90% of the time its big enough to warrant riding the bike with the rack I need a backpack or my chrome bag to keep it comfortable anyways, I generally end up riding with a bag on. The extra space is nice though, especially if I’m headed to someones house for the day or something.

I didn’t find my panniers to be a s nice as my AWESOME CHROME ROLL TOP. They just seemed… cumbersome. Not sure why. Maybe I’m just used to having a backpack while on a bike, and having my stuff in a different spot was too much of a change. Or maybe I just like having the load on my body. No idea, but I just wasn’t as into my panniers as I thought I would be.

it depends on the application I think.
For instance, I hate riding with panniers if I’m bombing to the store for a handful of groceries, or if I’m carrying something really awkward (ie. typewriter, tandem frame, several mountain bike frames, the basket off a shopping cart etc.) but if I’m getting a whole bunch of heavy things liek cans of beans and stuff then panniers are great. Part of my affection for mine comes from the bike the rack is on. Its an 80’s touring bike that steers like a cadillac and there is something undeniably simple and enjoyable about riding it to get groceries at 11 at night on clear streets, just spinning along with panniers, rack, front bag and backpack filled with food. Makes me stoked to be alive.
like this.

Ugh, no thanks on panniers. I’ve had enough experience delivering 40lb. heat bags filled with Mexican food on a rear rack/basket to know that I way prefer the weight to be on my body vs. on my bike, even if it means temporary discomfort (this is for rides in the city on a fixed gear btw, not road or touring ones).

Panniers are cool for touring bikes though. Say, if I needed to camp on the side of the road…

Trailers, anyone? I’ve found my Flatbed to work pretty well for hauling large grocery payloads, awkward musical instruments, bike frames/wheels, and things of this nature. Then the mess bag carries the smaller loads. It’s pretty rare that I have a load that’s in between, plus loaded panniers put a butt-load of weight directly on the rear wheel, which is already loaded more than the front when riding normally.

Build your wheel right and this is not a problem.

Build your wheel right and this is not a problem.[/quote]

True, but that takes time and effort. Yuck.

Wait, I just thought of something. Are you selling your Chrome bag then?