Fuck NJS

All you Hattas suck my balls.

You’re Makino me so angry

You really didn’t Nitto make this thread.


Eimei report this thread to a moderator.

I’m going to Level with you, Champ. Someone let the Jaguar out of their cage and he stole all my Pearls. They’re worth 7600.

Araya kidding me?

Man. I bet you were Araya Sunshine after that happened.

Asthma you fucker. Thanks for Reminton me that I should hit refresh before I post.


Settle down, Faggins. Can’t we all Gios get along?

WOAH WOAH WOAH you think you’re some kind of Wizard or something? I think you need to learn your NJS AB123C’s.

lol. No need to Panasonic, that was my rodney King attempt at equality.

Petr5 you need to stop going to the coast so much you always get san rensho in your vagina

I would respond but I’m grossed out by the mental image of x’s Hattas Sugino his balls.

Fine, you don’t like NJS. No use keirin about it on the internet.

this thread makes me shake my head in disapproval :colbert:

I’m Levin up out of here soon because imma pull a Bomber run all up in your shit.

Pshh, don’t be hatin’, Watanabe. It had Ganwell the first time.

i’m gonna go play some dura hockey with wayne gretzkey

also, i made your girl suck my Mighty Comp

I always liked Gretzky because he stays down to earth no matter how much Kashimax