Fuck some Kenda

So I got my tallbike back together again (had to partially disassemble it for the move) and took it out for a midnight ride last night. I live about as far out on the west side of Madison as anyone would want to go. Right when I reach the point about as far out on the east side as anyone would want to go, I get a shard of glass stuck in my rear tire (crap Kenda I got for like $8) and out comes the air. Dammit!

So I hop down and start walking the bike. About an hour later while walking through downtown I realize that I don’t really give a shit about the rear rim and the tire is garbage anyway, so I hop back up and ride slowly. THEN when I’ve got about a mile left to go, the chain decides to hop up one gear, seizing up the drivetrain and bending the axle about as far as it will bend. Now the rear wheel won’t even roll, and I’m forced to carry the damn thing the rest of the way.

I finally got home a little after 4 a.m. I guess now I’ll have to double the value of my tallbike and put some Tourguards on it.

I’m also considering replacing the axle, respacing, redishing, and screwing on a bmx freewheel.

The problem with cheap crap is that it’s so cheap.

fixed tall is the only way to go IMO. It’s all about tall tarckstands.