Fuck what ya heard

No bar tape is sorta like bare dickin’.

So its a good thing then?

I’m going to lube your drops, so when you get in that wind you get a mouth full of stem.

I think so but something you’re not supposed to do.
We’re told to avoid the good things

chrome bar-tape = lambskin

feels like i’m grippin nothing at all! nothing at all!

Ohhh…im sold.
Chrome bar tape shall come.

While it might feel better, there’s a much greater chance of death, or some discomfort when pee-ing.

don’t plug ya ends bru

some discomfort when pee-ing.[/quote]

but I love that burning sensation after bare dickin a disease infested cooch.

Shit is mesmerizin’ me.

It took me like 10 seconds of trackstanding in my basement to decide that no bartape on my adb-x’s is not like bare dickin.

You did a trackstand for 10 seconds?
Thats badass.

Yeah, it’s a new record.

no bar tape is so 2005


is this the scabies thread?


deathhare is special because all of the haters actually do suck his balls.

so keirin/track grips then are…?