Fuck You Meme? (Bike memes)

This one is for @Timarchylime


holy shit

Sometimes Tarck knows me so well it’s scary.


peak meme, lock thread


Is this a meme? I dunno, worth sharing somewhere here.

what are them sidecutters???

I like that the nylon wrap was supposed to tangle up the cutters. Like. Scissors can cut that wrap. It not going to do magic here boys.

What’s that strap lock thing that is new? Is it nice? It’s not this thing.

This thanksgiving I’m thankful that my riding reality only requires an ottolock.


I’m getting there…Bend is so casual about bike locking vs. Seattle. 2 days ago I saw an effing sweet MB-0 just leaned up against the sidewalk table while the owner was deep inside the coffee shop not even facing the window.

Just confirms that bend is just boulder west. It still feels weird that i can go into the grocery store with my bike on the rack and it’s still there when I come out. I still usually lock it, but see numerous unlocked bikes on roof and hitch racks.

The brewery closest to my work, we usually just leave our bikes in a pile near the door with helmet locks and have a few beers.

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I use one of those tiny rando cable locks a lot. But I’ve used a helmet lock enough in the burbs.

I’ve recently gone to using an aluminum u-lock. Pretty happy with the appearance of security but light weight.

For convenience stores in Atlanta, I would do a faux free lock where I’d just lay the u-lock across the chain stays through the rear wheel. Out here I’m a little more vigilant because I feel like folks know more about bikes and would be more likely to spot that.

I use an ottolock. Two if I’m gonna be a while.
I don’t even know where my u lock is right now.

Downtown PDX or Seattle, shit gets locked. Like two locks.

Downtown Castle Rock? I’ve definitely freelocked a xtracycyle using a helmet. Usually do lock it though due to proximity to the highway and consequent number of drug users and people sleeping rough. There’s some really poor people here (and some really rich ones to).

I locked my Coffee Grinder up with one u-lock (rear wheel inside the rear triangle) today when I went in to get ice cream. But only because I could see the bike from inside. And because I don’t have a QR on the front wheel. Normally that bike gets two U-locks, all the time.

In SF, pretty much anything that can be removed by hand will be stolen within half an hour.

Wow, that is grim.

Move to the Midwest, where you get paid 66% less, but you can free-lock your bike downtown while you go in for lunch.

CoL is also 66% less so :tipping_hand_man: