Game over, we are done here folks.

I believe Petr5 pointed that out over in Jackass of the Day. Lulz were had.

I don’t even. There are labels and logos and shit on those tires, right? Although, those would go on the inside if we were talking about underpants. Gatorskins. Hmm. I think I just figured something out about this person.


yeah kinda late


that is a pretty rough counter sink job on the screw holding down the woo-OOOHH MY GOD

I was looking at the wood as well.
once it’s been seen though…

That wood would de-lam in about 5 minutes in an Oregon rainy season

wow that rack lol

too good, dont know how i missed that on reddit

I showed it to Pookie who isn’t even a bike nerd and she was like, “whoa…”

that makes me sad


If you rotated the stays at the dropout 180deg, would that bring the rack close enough to use p-clamps at the top?

That rack, holy shit.

that wouldnt have been a problem with the old gatorskins with real alligator in em
god damn steve irwin fucking everything up

lol, not gonna happen

keep reading, he even says he’s honest with them and they take care of it. I’m dubious.

I’m not dubious at all, especially since he probably bought it from a vendor

Amazon are huge dicks to everyone but the end customer