get me into absurd tail gating.

i keep crashing into the back of mopeds and bending my fork all up.

just bend your fork backwards a bit, like this:

I used to draft motorbikes in Thailand. Lots of fun.

i need to get dismemberment insurance.

get that then cut off your own dick

i drafted behind a huge ass semi today, it was AWESOME!

nobody tailgates as classy as WVU:

cept these guys:

would tailgate.

We fabbed the attachment of a roller onto the back of bikeboss’s vespa. It kinda rules for motorpacing.

would tailgate.[/quote]
its a freedom grill.

^ america rulez

would tailgate, hit from behind, get my fork all bent up.[/quote]

gotta use a guchi frok

gotta use a guchi frok