get me into cagro bikes


I’m about to pull the trigger on a similar wheel for my Cycletruck. You could probably do something similar but choose more affordable options.
Here is my current ordering spreadsheet but I’m going balleur with the bells and whistles including:

  • Nerdy Canadian manufactured controller that is fully configurable & potted for waterproofness
  • Grin Tech intelligent battery charger that tracks charging information over time.
  • Torque sensing bottom bracket (Good news, I remeasured my BB shell and its actually 68mm! Previously I was carelessly measuring some dirty black spacers on the MTB cranks and thought it was 72mm)
  • Massive battery (846 WH) that I estimate will give me approx 84 km / 52 mile range. Grin also sells much smaller and cheaper batteries that are flat and could tuck away in an inconspicuous location.

This is the wheel / motor I’m planning to get:

This is the eZee motor “Kit” that helps guide you through the ordering process. Note that it does not include a battery which is also pretty expensive.


What’s the rationale with a front drive wheel? Have always imagined that those would feel pretty strange and negatively impact the steering.


I know this doesn’t apply to cagro bikes, but I was next to someone with a front e-deal at a red light one day. When it turned green, they must have been in 1st gear or something, because they wheelied just a tiny bit on their first push. That front wheel got spinning and when it met the road it jerked them back in a very satisfying manner (to me).


This isn’t a cagro bike question but a cagro question - what happened to CETMA racks and where can I get one still? I’m trying to build up my Surly Steamroller circa 2008 style


get out


This very well could be true. I’ve seen it done on a bunch of bakfiets style cargos so I assumed it would be fine but we will see.

I don’t plan on throttling it through turns or anything, mostly used for straight flat sections and climbing steeper hills.
The bike is already going to handle uniquely being low trail with tiny wheel and a bunch of weight over the top.


In preparation for putting the motor on my Cycletruck I stopped by the local cargo shop to check out kickstands.
I’ve always wanted to put a kickstand on the Cycletruck but could never justify the extra weight when Seattle has so many posts and buildings to lean a bike against.

Cycletruck does have a built-in kickstand but I would feel weird about storing it at work like this since the bike storage area is basically in the lunch room. Weird thing to care about, I know.

I picked up one of these Ursus Jumbo kickstands which weighs like 3 pounds but incredibly stable.
The only downside was that I had about 2mm of clearance around my 60mm rear tire because the chainstays are so short.
I noticed that I could probably modify the kickstand so I drilled a hole in the base then tapped it for an M5 bolt to create a pseudo limit screw for how far the kickstand can retract into its resting state. Luckily the two arms are linked so I only need one limit screw.


From the English Instagram feed:


More money than sense right fucking there. That’s it done, case closed, text book example.


That’s Rob English’s own cargo bike. In his own words:

“Built in 2014 in partnership with Gates and Bosch. Almost 4000 miles on it now :-”
-Rob English, on Instagram, 2018


Okay that’s different. But I was thinking the same thing, an English e-cargo bike with (what I now assume to be) an english TT bike and a HED disc wheel on the back?

Also is the platform on the front rack made of carbon plates?!


I thought they were tiny solar panels at first! Looks like CF though.

Pretty sweet setup though, e-assist to get to the race with fresh legs, and get home again after turning yourself inside out at the ITT. Def BA not turn sammich.


Common though he couldn’t come up with a better way to mount the TT bike though. Like a roof tray, or tow it.


That’s Rob English’s own cargo bike. In his own words:

“Built in 2014 in partnership with Gates and Bosch. Almost 4000 miles on it now :-”
-Rob English, on Instagram, 2018[/quote]

Was gonna say: that bike looks 100% like a bike R.English would build for himself, not some money is no object turn sando. Those look more like anything at a handbuilt bike show.


That was my thought when I saw the cargo.

Wonder what’s going on with the thing under the front of the front rack, LED light bar maybe?


you fuckers would that cargo and tt bike
you know you would
stop hating
get out there
live dreams


I love almost everything Rob builds, but there has to be a better way to attach one bike to another.


That’s what I’m saying!


the bungies are extremely disappointing


Didn’t see this posted anywhere else…

LvH “Miss Pink”