get me into cagro bikes


I love that so much.


Is that e-assist Alfine?


yeah, Shimano Steps Alfine 8 Di2


Truly the Porsche Cayenne of cagro bieks.


Almost ordered one of these collapsible crates to put on my Cycletruck last night. In the video they show the dimensions for three different models (Large, L/M & Medium) but unfortunately they only distribute the Large & Medium (also small) in North America. The in-between L/M size would fit my Cycletruck platform perfect and match my existing crate. Oh well.
The one thing that bothers me about my current collapsible crate is that, in the flattened position, there is no locking mechanism to keep it closed, every bump flips the sides up and it makes a racket. I could put a bungee or strap around the basket/rack platform but its still quite noisy. This BigAnt crate has a couple clips along the edge that appear to keep it shut when not in use. I also like the idea of using those caster wheel holes as mounting points to the rack platform, currently its only zip-tied to the rack.

Favorite part of the video is when the guy is jumping up and down on the crate while its flipped over.


“durability assessment”

also gratuitous music.


I wonder if this small pink one would match John’s paint job or be turned into a rack for the Sundeal:
Only $25


Oooooh very tempting


Hey Squirrel, how’d you attach the crate to your cycle truck?
I have one that I’ve been meaning to attach to the crust fork on my xtracycle, but I haven’t figured a good way to do it.


I don’t have a great way to attach yet but open to suggestions.
Currently there are some horizontal slots (conveniently zip-tie width) on the base of the basket but angled crossbeams on the Cycletruck platform so I find all the spots where the gap between basket slots aligns with the angled crossbeam and fasten a heavy duty zip tie (total=8) around the junction. I locate the bulky zipper cube on the underside to keep the inside of the basket is flush. Looks seamless with black zip-ties.
Works really well now that I have higher quality zip-ties but all it takes is letting the bike drop on its side and some of them can bust open.


Does the Crust fork have round bars? I used p-clamps from McMaster to attach a folding crate to a Soma porteur rack and was able to align things so the button cap screw heads fell in the right spots to still be able to fold the crate flat. Also a bunch of washers between the clamp and the underside of the crate because the feet of the crate sat right on the outer rail of the rack and left a gap between the underside and the inner rails.


This is the best photo I have of the porteur frame, square tubing (does that have a generic name?). I guess I could drill holes, use carriage bolts, wide washers, and wingnuts (nyloc?) on the bottom.

New Bike Day! by Andrew Squirrel, on Flickr




The Crust fork actually has brazeons for bolting things to the platform, but the crate I have is all slotted on the bottom so I think bolts would just either pull through or break the plastic.


Fender washers over the slots, if they match up with the brazeons tho.

On another rack I bolted a 1/2" thick piece of plywood to the rack then drilled and bolted the crate to the wood.


yr crust fork is clearly broken please give it to me


The battery shipment from Vancouver BC to Seattle arrived yesterday. Had to pay a $60 dangerous goods fee for them to ship such a huge Lithium Ion battery (828 wH)
I’m really interested to know what material they packed it with. It appears to be some sort of lightweight shiny silicate mineral I’m assuming has anti-battery-explosion properties. Anyone know? Also recommendations on how to dispose of it? Its a huuuuge bag.

Performed the first full charge, the Grin Tech Satiator is amazing, love that I can setup profiles for different batteries and track charging cycles over time. Not sure if it will live at home or if I will mount it under the deck of the Cycletruck (they have a feature so you can flip the OLED display upside down!).

The only bummer is that I will have to figure out a custom way to mount the battery on the bike. My original plan to attach to the downtube, as designed, with waterbottle bosses was spoiled by the Cycletruck’s huge platform rack which clamps to the downtube.
I was also thinking of suspending the battery under the downtube with the 3rd water bottle bosses but the clamp also interferes when using standard holes in the battery carrier.
Will have to make stand-off spacers to offset the mounting from the downtube or drill different holes in the mounting piece. Will post photos soon if anyone has suggestions.
Also considering attaching it to the rear rack platform but it would make it less secure from theft.


That looks like vermiculite. You could mix it into your soil or do plenty of other things with it.


I googled vermiculite because I didn’t know what it was. Okay interesting, googled ‘vermiculite battery’ and found out it’s a common absorbent/packing filler for batteries in case of spillage. As someone that really loves trivial information this is definitely going in the ‘never to be used again’ category.


yeah, between its absorbency, light weight and high temperature resistance / fireproofness, it’s perfect for that use.

I currently have a bag of it as cat litter. There are better cat litters. I’ll probably just dig it into the garden beds.