get me into cagro bikes


they fit the size of the hole you are using as a guide. So say you have a part with two different sized mounting holes and you are creating a mounting plate. You would put the part on the blank plate, drop the 5mm punch into the 5mm hole, mark it. Then the 8mm punch into the 8mm hole, mark it. Now you have exact centers on your mounting plate with no guess work.


i think 4.5 is about right for an m5x0.8 threadform though. which is also irrelevant. and yeah just hit it with a center punch, use a lot of pressure and maybe some cutting fluid if you’re feeling zesty, but i hear it doesn’t actually do much for hand held drill drivers


Great, I think I have some really old “3 in on” oil in my cabinet.
Do I want high pressure, low speed with the hand drill?


Yeah low speed lots of feed pressure


Sharp drill is more important than literally anything else, I wouldn’t even worry about lube
If you are buying a new drill for this you’ll be fine, don’t overthink it
If the drill is spinning and metal isn’t getting cut then you can worry


Using lube is great in drill presses and milling machines but it makes hand drilling harder. Hand drilling is going to kill drill bits quickly anyway.


At the metal shop we kept an old copy of Machinery’s Handbook (with the tap size page bookmarked) right on top of the drill / tap cabinet.

Good for random lunchtime reading too[/quote]

Seriously one of the best books ever, even more so when they came out with the large format version.


Stayed home yesterday after some painful dental work. Took the opportunity to drill a huge hole in the bottom bracket shell and finish all the wiring, I think the dentist and his power drill inspired me.

Like a Phoenix from the ashes the Cyclefab Cycletruck is born anew! Once cumbersome and sluggish the cycletruck cargo bike can now support its capacity with a 350RPM eZee geared motor powered by a 846 Watt/Hour Lithium Ion Battery. The Grin Tech Phaserunner Motor controller (cast in clear epoxy!) and Cycle Analyst heads up display were manufactured up in Vancouver Canada by some rad eBike nerds. I oped for a one of the latest torque sensing bottom brackets which directly translates your pedal strokes into acceleration which simulates the feeling of a super power. Looking forward to putting some commute miles and grocery runs on this new iteration of a bike that I picked up exactly 6 years ago today!

Did my first real 22 mile ride this morning and commuted to work on it. It was fantastic but still need to tweak some settings for the pedal assist, as of right now any pedal stroke ramps up to a set maximum regardless of how hard or fast I pedal. I can see some visual animation feedback on the Cycleanalyst that it is interpreting the speed and force just fine but not translating that to an assist ratio quite yet.
The Cycleanalyst has so many menus and options its a little overwhelming at first but I am excited to dig into it.

Currently have it set up right now with a + and - buttons controlling the max pedal assist allowed. I set it to 100-200W for cruising slow on bike trails but 10 different levels up to 500W max. I also have a throttle that is rarely used but can push the power up to 500-1000W for when I am on the road with medium speed traffic and approaching a steep hill. There were some long flat sections near the airport that used to be so boring but setting the bike at 500W I can still pedal along in the 48-11t and keep a constant speed of 23 mph / 37 kmh.

The one thing I noticed immediately is how un-aero this bike is at faster speeds.

Closeups and build photos:


oh my. would love to do something like that to my clydesdale bike but supwife says no ebikes if they ain’t bakfiets/bullitt style so what are you gonna do but try to rub pennies together really really hard and hope copper coated zinc can turn into diamonds with enough heat and pressure


Yeah, I’m nowhere near the financially sound place to do this but I am definitely interested in juicing up the pink cargo at some point, specially if kids ever enter the picture. There doesn’t seem to be any hub motors in the disc/thru axle flavorway though. A buddy of mine was selling his stokemonkey which would have been perfect, but I just couldn’t swing it.


does anyone remember that fop chariot, with an e assist hub and swept back flat/cruisery bars, racks and bags,I think it was red. it was posted on tarck somewhere but I can’t remember if it was a members or not. anyone remember this?

and John, are the folks that smanged your cargo together still doing that? like, ya got a contact for them or anything?


Those folks are an ex messenger and an MIT grad school kid working out of a local coworking space, @xcanidx on instagram is really the only contact I can give you, but they’re still doing shit. He’s working on a gravel frame, and has posted a big batch of cargo forks not too long ago. Not sure how their idea of my bike being the final test for a larger production run has gone, but that might be people not putting money down more than anything. I should get in touch with them either way, supposedly they’re gonna give me a real cargo bike kickstand when they figure out how to do it.


The one I built was red with Kona fork, fenders and flat bars with front rack /basket/bag plus rear rack/panniers. But it is mid drive, not hub.

Not the one?


that sounds like it! post a pic??

and thanks John, I’ll check em out


[quote=dorth]that sounds like it! post a pic??

and thanks John, I’ll check em out[/quote]

Away from home, don’t have a good pic handy post phone rom flash… but here:


That’s more attractive than most purpose built e-bikes out there