Get me into New York from New Jersey (with my bike)

I wanna spend the day on my bike in New York. I don’t have the ability to get trucked in to Manhattan. Do I drive in and pay $40 for parking? The buses I took today are ill equipped for transporting bicycles, so that’s not an option. Maybe the ferry? Bike through the Holland Tunnel?

Anybody from NJ/NY know the pro way to do it?

can’t be done brah

PATH Train from Newark.

Doesn’t NJ transit run into NYC?

yeah you can definitely cop a njt train, but itll likely have to be done on a weekend

Don’t know if it’s teh pro way, but the George Washington Bridge has a bike path, and dumps you out in the 170s.

GWB is it if your riding

Isn’t there a ferry that goes like right into Manhattan or some shit?

Staten Island Ferry? Have to then get to Staten Island somehow. Anyway, the PATH and NJ Transit allow bikes except during rush hours. Go google it.

From NJ to NY, you can take the NY Waterway ferries. There’s a $1 surcharge for bicycles. Link to website with schedules, maps, etc.

Thanks Gusmore. Looks like through a combination of help from my aunts and the Ferry I’ll be swearing at traffic and shaking my fist in no time.

where in nj?

I’m in Maywood NJ until Thursday, when I’ll be heading back to Cleveland for another night before heading back home. The streets of Manhattan Island were crowded, but less so than the sidewalks. Seeing the city from the streets is a better alternative.

Oh, and the ferry was easy peasy. Would recommend again.