Get me into renting a bike in SF for a few days

Yo. Going to be in SF at end of April and want to do some riding. I have a S&S’ed bike but for all the hassle involved in bringing a bike on a plane and all the bikes in SF there must be an easier way. Any shops relatively close to Union Square that someone would recommend?

I rented a carbon TCR from Pacific Cycles and was happy. It wasn’t the cleanest or best maintained, but it was a nice ride and the people were friendly. I know there’s some tarckers working in SF shops that rent bikes, but I can’t remember where.

The tarck hookup is moving.

Rent a Felt F75 from Sports Basement for ~$40/day. It is by far the best deal going.

With a name like that, it’s gotta be good, right?

I would have been able to get it to you for free, but Thursday is my last day. The road bikes are Felt Z85s and a few CAAD 10s, though I’m not sure there’s a full size run of CAADs. Call ahead to try to reserve a CAAD 10. The rental department is a mixed bag, since a lot of the dudes are ski dudes who keep working there after ski season is over, but the main dude, Nick, is a very legit mechanic and your bike will be in good working order.

$40 for the first day, $20 for each successive day, IIRC. Not too close to Union square, but not too far, either. Take the 30 stockton to Broderick and Jefferson, then walk a block north to Marina Blvd. Go left on Marina towards Crissy Field and walk west for about 3/4 mile to Sports Basement.