Going to toe clips from clipped in

Is pretty bleh. Now I remember why I switched in the first place…

I ride both. Looking to change that and ride clipless on all. I think that whole changing shoes things is a hassle though.

I ride clipless on everything except my grocery bike.
I love it and every time I ride a FG with clips and straps, I get freaked out. It feels like not wearing a seatbelt or something.

I like clips and straps but clipless just feels so much more solid and easier to deal with. Then again i think the easier to deal with part gets cancelled out by my need to change shoes. I don’t know.

This may be off topic or on it, I don’t know but how frightening a transition was it for MTB riders here to switch to clipless (if you have) from platforms? I’ve been looking into some standard Crank Brothers Eggbeater Cs and they seem easy enough to get out of but you never know until you try it, right?

I find clipless pedals worlds better. I just can’t stand the feeling of the strap on the top of my shoe when you make them tight enough to get real benefit. Just get some comfortable shoes and changing them doesn’t really enter the equation for errands. A spare pair of real shoes reside under my desk for commute days.

i don’t fuck with clipless anymore, it felt great but i got tired of the hassle

What did you find to be a “hassle”? Cleat wear? Having to carry a pair of casual shoes? Not challenging, merely inquiring.

cleat wear is part of it, carrying an extra pair of shoes is probably the biggest part of it though. yeah i could get away with mountain bike shoes and time atacs or something, but i’d rather not.

plus this it’s summer, which is fannypack weather

Chasing toe clips around is kind of a hassle. My new frame has significant toe overlap too, so I’m sticking with clipless. I keep shoes at work.

Clipless is rad but I don’t like it brakeless because I sometimes pull my feet straight up and out of my Eggbeaters when trying to control speed down steep hills. Not fun.

I love the feeling of riding fixed clipless and breakless. The ultimate connection to the bike. I do agree that it is scary if you come unclipped. Trackstanding clipped in is so nice.

I’ve run SPDs and Eggbeaters and have noticed the same thing with Eggbeaters. I think I’m going back to SPDs when the Eggbeaters go into retirement. SPDs are a little more predictable, IMO, and having the ability to adjust their retention force is nice.

^^ SPD’s are notorious for the same thing. This is the first I’ve heard that about eggbeaters. You tried swaping the cleats so the release angle is greater? The first week I had my atac’s I pulled out trying to skid. Then I flipped to the 17deg release and never had a problem since.

I have only had problems with eggbeaters if the cleat gets worn down. That isn’t such a hard thing to have happen. The standard cleat is pretty soft. The premium version holds up a little better.

I’ve never once accidentally unclipped from my SPD pedals during five or so years of regular use.

Oh not this again.

No accidental unclips on SPDs with my pedals / cleats both of which are 10 years old.