Gommitalia Tires anyone?

Anyone used these? Pretty cheap, supposedly last a long time. Look decent and not so common. Anyone?
They make quite a few different models and all are under my consideration.

http://www.bikesomewhere.com/bikesomewh ... /1878/9726

never seeen before, but i’ll agree with the opinion that they look nice.

might feel a little dirty putting on a non-italian frame, with that little flag on the side.

Yeah, seems like no one is running them.
No one i know at least.

They used to come in a bitchin’ little circular tin.

Yeah i saw that. Some of them still do apparently. These may.

buy a set for me and i’ll test them for you.

Im gonna buy today i think. See what theyre like. I need a new tire anyway for my trip and this one is cheap and my trip is not so…