Good shoes for riding?

Yeah? What do you think?

are those for diabetics?

I think those are the shoes Sheldon lived in year round

make sure to wear white socks with them…and and sun glasses like these

I can’t support the use of any “open” shoe. Flip flops and sandals are a big no.

Big time joking about the SPD sandals.
But on a serious note, has anybody tried these?

I’m looking for a pair of shoes with no laces, as my current clipless shoes have laces and as everyone knows, fixed+clipless+laces=death/grevious bodily harm

tuck your laces in

Yeah, tuck 'em.

Or get slip ons or those or something I dunno fuck.

vans…nothing more nothing less

clipless + fixed = bad idea


clipless + fixed = bad idea[/quote]

:owl picture… you know the one:

Well, I had mine tucked and ended up with a broken collar bone anyways.

I ride my road type fixed and geared bikes with Sidi’s and Shimano road pedals. Commuter and MTB fixed, Eggbeaters and Lake MTB shoes.

What wrong with clipless+fixed?


What wrong with clipless+fixed?[/quote]

You have to have stiff shoes made for riding, your feet dont hurt, you are in too much control, and can throw down sick skidz… and you dont get to fumble around with your straps…

If god wanted us to be stuck to our pedals he would have made us born with bikes!

On that note, I use Shimano shoes the @$100 type with Look Keo Classics. Not on my fixed though, just the geared road.

Way back before clippless…

I used to run Diadora shoes with slotted cleats on Dura Ace quill pedals with straps. Gives a nice solid feel when strapped in tight.

Fall over when ya forget to loosen…

I like Specialized ATB line of shoes for an affordable, comfortable clipless shoe. I own two pairs and they are both great.

Moving on to the confessional potion of my post, I own a pair of clipless cycling sandals. With due apologies to fashion, they are really great for summer errand running.

What about these:

or maybe these?

Those boots would go well with this.

[quote=“westsiderider”]vans…nothing more nothing less

clipless + fixed = bad idea[/quote]

What a stupid thing to say.

Also, my girlfriend got SPD sandals for our bike tour, and I’m likely going to do the same.