Grown-Ass BMX Bikes

Something about this one makes me want to click add to cart and hit submit. What’s the general consensus?

Fun but pointless yet still fun and worth it?

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trick track makes a comeback?


Would a dj with a dropper or long seat post work?

Probably not. I’m assuming 25.4 post because #bmx

Auto corrected. Meant to say dj. Might be more money though.

Nope. 27.2 is what it says in the speclist. The ideal thing to stuff a mini-dropper into.

most of the BMX companies make something like this too.
also what about the fairdale taj

Saw that. Decent spec for the $$$.

Wtp have one in double top tube.

A Rivendell BMX bike?


I dig the klunker vibe of it.

That seems like a great 7th or 8th bike.

Unless you like doing bigass wheelies down the street and swerving in and out of traffic, in which case you’re way cooler than me and that would be a great bike.

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SE has been killing this segment. I took home the shops OM Duro for a bit and it was great fun. There really is nothing like a bmx plus bike.

The OM Flyer and soon-to-be Monster Quad are also rad.

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OM Duro looks kinda rad. 1x10, dick braks, big BMX shredder.

Other than the tires, I’m rather fond of this:

(Stolen Zeke 26)

I like this idea. The plus size tires do allow for more dgaf.

That site needs some updating.

$620 for a hi-ten frame complete?