GXP vs powerspline

so i have sram s300 gxp bb cranks on the current workbike. i’m seeing that universal has gxp s300s for 120 something and powerspline for 73. is it that huge a difference?

if it is, i may as well just put the 75s back on the soon to be beater/fun bike even though i still want external bb and just save my money, put the gxp 300s on the one that will see the most riding.

nevermind, powerspline isn’t even external bb, which is what i’m looking for.

crap, trying to keep shit cheap on this build, and just in general. i’m not exactly rich, and being on commission and seeing work slow to a crawl is scaring me.

I got my S300s for $83 shipped on eBay brah.

Anything external BB is gonna be more expensive (Im sure u knew this)

Question I suppose is… if this is ur work bike, how much more efficient does it make you and as a result, how much more money will u be able to make?