I’ve got a iro mark v pro set up with the cheap no-drop bullhorns from ben’s cycle. I want a more upright position, but want more positions than risers. I’m thinking of getting either some dirt drops or mustache bars (yes seeing lance riding them made me want some). The problem is, I’ve got about a 5 inch drop from my seat to handlebar. I’ve already got my 10 degree stem going positive. Should i get a stem with more rise? Find a cheap fork and throw some spacers in there? Get a stem extender thing? Forget the whole thing and get some damn risers? Any suggestions welcome from preferred bars to a better setup.

Personally, I hate moustache bars, and unless you get them as high or higher than your saddle, you are almost guaranteed to hate them as well.

Just use a different stem to bring the bars higher and try road drops. If the boner stem is too ugly for you to deal with, drop the cash for a fork + spacers.

You have 5 inches of drop with a positive rise stem? Do you have any spacers under the stem? It sounds like you may need a bigger bike. Mustache bars that low are going to be unpleasant.

I had some ergo road drops on there before, but never used the drops because … well … I’m a fat-ass. That’s why I went to the bullhorns. I think everything in my life would be better if I didn’t have this beer gut, but then I’d have to stop drinking the beer. Any suggestions on a fork? Christmas is coming up.

I just feel that if I went to a larger bike, I’d feel more stretched out. Longer top tube. I already feel like I’m stretching when I ride the hoods.

How long is your stem? plus it seams like IRO’s tend to have a short seat tube in comparison to the top tube length. I might be wrong about that. So a frame that had a longer seat tube, and the same or close top tube length would fit better, then you could fine tune it with stem length… if need be.

what’s the difference between an iro mark v pro and the regular one?

I believe the tubing is better on the pro. The Geo of the frame is the same, but the pro comes with fork with steeper rake. It should be closer to “track Geometry” fwiw… I couldnt find anything about the pro on IRO’s site so this was dredged up from an old bf post.

Actually if you went to a larger bike, the handlebars would end up higher. Higher handlebars would theoretically shorten your reach, assuming the TT doesn’t get insanely longer.

The IRO geometry does make it difficult for people with longer legs and shorter arms. One look at their geo chart eliminated them from my bike choices. I’d have to ride a 57 or something and have the same problems as saintstoffel.

There are lots of forks out there. If you like the one you’ve got, IRO could probably sell you a new one from a larger frame. Check Leader’s website. They’ve got a carbon road fork for $130 or something.

Other than that, get a shorter stem with more rise. For people like us, it is difficult to get the tarck look of a slammed 0 deg rise stem unless you’re riding an older track frame (my favorite frame is a 61ctc with a 57tt).

snag an axis carbon fork off nashbar or wherever.

I have a nice EC90 fork w/ 8" of steer tube I would sell for cheapish.

I gave up on the 0 rise tarck look a while ago. Since I broke right now, with a move coming in the near future, I think I’ll search out a stem with more rise. Maybe I’ll throw up a trade thread for something with better geometry for my body.

pics of your setup, with saddle height and current stem/bar combo.


Flip these.

rock a taller riser bar. i have a 5" riser bar on my too-small beater biek

I’ll post a pic of the current setup tomorrow, when I get my camera working.

do some sit-ups?


Flip these.[/quote]

I had these on my Rush Hour flipped upright and they were insanely awesome. :bear: