Has anyone on here laced Deep V to dura ace 7600 before?

I’ve got some Dura Ace 7600s Front 32 hole Rear 36 hole, and have lace the rear without too much trouble but the front wheel keeps skewing when i get to the 6th or so leading spoke and then the spokes don’t reach the nipples. I’m using SB’s wheel building guide and it was great for the rear wheel. So it must be something amiss with what I am doing or have to hand.

I’m trying to lace it 2 cross on the front with 268 mm spokes are these to short or something? spocalc says they are good so do 2 different bike shops - all using spocalc i expect though.

Help appreciated!

You sure the calculations were done with the correct inputs? 32 spokes, 2 cross and the right part sizes? And you’re sure you’re not lacing it 3x out of habit? Also, check the spokes with a ruler or tape measure. Someone might have screwed up and given you shorter spokes.

We really have no way of checking what is going wrong… Well, apart from redoing the calculations to see if 268 is good.

Deep V
ERD: 582

DA 7600 (front)
Flange Diameter: 67
Center to Flange: 34

Using http://www.bikeschool.com/spokes/index.cgi with 2x I get 269.3 so it looks like 268 is a little on the short side. You can try only threading the nipples on one or two rotations and see if that makes a difference but before that I would check to make sure I was lacing the wheel correctly.

ok thanks for the replies 268mm is right - beer/incompetence/tiredness were the problem. built up this morning with out any trouble.

if you get the spokes in the wrong hole in the hub on one side it will fuck everything up just like you mentioned.