Has Nitto done the B259AA in purple?

Pretty simple question. I can’t find any. I’ve decided I’m not tarck enough with my current set-up.

Wierd. Found em in pink, gold, green, and black. No purp though. Call Bens, their site isnt always up to date.

edit… no…

Blah. None of those colors would look decent on my bike.

black or silver
is this for the panasonic?

[quote=“artblur”]black or silver
is this for the panasonic?[/quote]

Yeah, for the Panasonic. It has silver ones on there now, I’m just getting over the “classy” look.

Maybe I’ll get someone to ano. some bars and a Jaguar for me.

http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-PURPLE-FLAT-MOU ... tsupported

^those looks more blue.

Pics of said bike? Let Tarck decide for you.

It has a tiny silver chainring now, but looks pretty much the same.

I was thinking purple risers and clear grips, but I guess that’s a no-go.

I would go with gold, but green would look most tarck imo.

Can they do a baby blue ano?

Purple and pink never go together

purple and pink is the best thing ever.

The last shop I worked at had piles of anodized flat and riser bars from the early MTB days. I’m sure some were purple, but I live like a thousand miles away now, so you’re fucked.

Hey zombo, I have had a few different Kalloy risers in the last couple years, two of them being purple. They were super cheap and pretty stiff.

Go gold:

Matches the downtube decal.


Go for it. Unless they’re ridiculously expensive or they’ve been recalled or something they should be just fine.