Help me find some bars

So I want to change my bullhorns out for something more “legit” I suppose. I guess I’m just tired of the look and lack of a true aero position.

Things I like:

26mm clamp size
ergo drops
shallow drops
tops and drops that are near parallel (for comfort without hoods)
swept back flats

Things I don’t like:

totally flat flats (where I ride most of the time)
tops and drops that are sharply angled and designed exclusively for use with hoods

Ritchey seems to offer some of the things I like. The Streem Comp is the only bar with aero, swept back flats I’ve seen for under $50. However it’s the wrong clamp size and I would opt for something with shallower drops or more parallel tops and drops. I know this is a long list but maybe you guys have an idea.

edit - The BioMax seems pretty much what I want…anything similar?

You should look into Ritchey BioMax bars. Those are what I use on my roadbike, and I think they meet all the criteria you just laid out there. These bars run wide, though. If you want 40s, get 38s. My 42cms are the same as my roommate’s Salsa 44cms.

Edit - I posted this before you even added the part about the BioMax bars.

here’s a couple of my favorite sites.

Both have assloads of options for you ... tegory=636 ... rch=Search

The Nitto 177 (aka “Noodle”) would be my recommendation. The narrowest they offer is 42cm though.

woah tons of bars I’ve never seen before

thx guys

edit - these all look good to me:

Ritchey BioMax $55
Dimension Flat Top $36
Salsa Moto Ace Short and Shallow $34

Nitto Noodle look just ok…I would rather just get full out Randonneur bars instead of those though.

i got them hoes, 3 for 5

Check out the salsa bell laps on universal (first link. Same drop and reach as the S&S Moto Ace, but 3cm flared drops.)

Blicks, you should be able to score BioMaxs on eBay for $20-30 new, less used. I was watching eBay forever before I found mine locally.

I ran Biomaxes for a while and hated them. I like a large flat section in the drops and these just have a little stub.

Maeda bend?

Anyways, be honest, do you guys think it would look stupid to use white Champs grips on the drop, and then black cork wrap the rest of the way up? Champs are a lot thinner than wrap yes?

I think maybe you mean Maes bend. I would go with Salsa bars if you like the Biomax ergo shape. The Poco has one set of cable grooves and comes in 26.0 and as narrow as 36.

Champ grips on ergo bars would look awful IMO, even worse when combined with tape. I would just tape the whole thing. If you do the combo thing you’ll be left with a weird quantity of tape you won’t be able to do anything with anyway.

Champ grips would be fucking terrible. Sorry.

As for the thickness question, champ grips come in a few different diameters.

Handlebars are weird. Everyone likes a different drop/reach/width/color/flavor/whatever. I bought my first set of ergo drops off of eBay, hated them, and went back to bullhorns. A year or so later, I grabbed onto a pair of S&S’s that were mounted onto a Casserole at a LBS and loved them. I didn’t buy the bike, but I walked out with the bars, and I haven’t ridden anything else since. So yeah, definitely get a hold of the bars you’re gonna buy to make sure that they’re comfy for you.

Yeah they’re kinda like shoes…try them on before buying.

By S&S do you mean those Salsa bars? They seem to have two versions. Which do you have?

These guys.

I had forgotten that there were two different Short and Shallows.

Champ grips come in a bunch of difference sizes(1,1.5,2,3,4mm) I got some today and they aren’t super grippy or comfy when I am not wearing my gloves. I would go with some deda bar tape its nice and comes in a bunch of colors. I like those dimension bars! Make sure to check your local bike shops for some old stuff in the back I love finding something really cool that has been laying in the back of the shop and getting it for 10 bucks.

…and that’s exactly what I just did! Found some small Short & Shallows for a good price. I’ll either pick them up Friday or the Thursday the week after.

I love the look of Champs on track drops, but really, yeah, they’re not too practical for this application. I’ll just use wrap. :wink:

Good call on the short & shallows guys, I like em.

btw they seem like they are bigger than they are in the photos. They’re actually 36 or 38 cm wide.

How could you turn your back on the Syntace Stratos? Traitor! I just hope they found an owner who appreciates them.