Help me identify this old jersey

A friend of mine gave me two old jerseys that an old man in Chattanooga gave him a few years ago. They don’t fit my friend and he’s not the jersey type anyway so he gave them to me. One is some 80’s or 90’s Australian synthetic jersey that’s of no consequence but the other is a wool Molteni jersey made by Santini. I googled it and all I can find are reproductions. This jersey is in amazing condition so I’m wondering if anyone has any idea how old it is or how common it was. Some pictures are below, again any info at all would be great. All I can find are people verbally jerking off Merckx while briefly mentioning he wore a Molteni jersey.


Embroidery on front. Discoloration is just a shadow.

Back of tag and left shoulde Santini logo

Front of tag

Jersey pockets

Edit: I did all of this on my phone including photo uploading so excuse any formatting issues especially with the photos. .

modern plastic zipper, ® mark, “L” instead of 5 or other number size probably means retro not old. not sure how common but i bet it wasn’t cheap.

The ® mark was the only thing I had considered. But even that logo is a nice felt type material and not like stamped rubber or something.

I think it’s a Molteni jersey.

I think Santini made those for a few years

pretty sure its a molteni repro jerz made by santini
at least thats what i can tell from the photos
should probably get it tested from a scientifical lab

looks clean. could get you probably 50 bucks on ebay.

I’d say more if he does a high BIN and allows offers. make sure to list it’s vintage santini and not a repro

i think those pockets on the back are for sandwiches and whatnot

Molteni is a specific color of orange.
The jersey you have is tan.
I think it’s a fake.

can you please post a photo of the jersey next to a pantone color chart to help us determine the exact hue of the tan/orange part?

Hold up, someone forward this to Casteli they’re pretty much the go-to bros for colour matching.

yeah, okay, what you have there is pretty much a fruitcake

well that does it