Help me out if you dont mind.

Im looking into getting a new frame or complete bike and cant really decide which one i wanna get. Ive narrowed it down to a few options but open to suggestions.

1)Surly Steamroller - frameset or complete
2) Jamis Sputnik - Complete
3) Soma Rush - Frameset
4) An NJS frameset - suggestions on brands?
5)Bike Island Kilo TT - Frameset
5) Your suggestions

Im looking for something <=750 if possible. I wont be doing any racing with it i dont think just want something to ride around and back and forth to work with. I have a windsor right now so anything is an upgrade at this point. Thanks

what dont you like about your windsor?

5)Bike Island Kilo TT - Frameset

for sure.

Well mainly it’s to big for me which makes it really uncomfortable if it was my size I’d probably like it alittle more and just put a new fork on it and be content. Aside from that it’s a nice bike. I’ve never riden any thing besides 4130 so as far as how that goes I can’t really comment on it. The roads around here are pretty bad so something that would help out with that would be awesome.

Maybe this is just me, but since your stated desire is a comfortable bike for commuting I offer two additional options.
6) Road bike conversion.
7) Surly x-check built as a single speed or fixed gear.

Both offer better geometry and are a more flexible platform than anything on your list. Since your roads are rough, they also give you better options for wider tires. On your list, the Sputnik is my sentimental favorite.

yeah, i say sputnik.

or i say karate monkey because i want one buy can’t justify it myself.

oh, and if you’re gonna do steamroller, isn’t the jury the same thing but with eyelets?


3rensho NJS frame, built up with all NJS parts

I’m actuAlly looking for something with more of a track feel than a road feel. I’m mainly looking for something durable thTs going to last me over anything else.

I’m also considering an IRO Angus the price is good just not sure how I feel about the straight fork .

steamroller is cool but doesn’t have eyelets for adding fenders or a rack. Also, their geometry doesn’t really suit people with long legs and short torsos, if thats an issue.

Most likely a soma frameset + build is going to cost at least $750 since their frames are over $400. Unless you are using parts from your windsor.

A kilo frameset is going to feel as nice as a soma or anything else given the same parts.

If the sputnik is still made from 853 steel, it’ll be pretty nice. If it has sealed bearing hubs and geo that fits, I’d say thats the way to go.

Just my opinions.

can you even get the sputnik anymore? i thought it went the way of the dinosaurs

Sputniks are still around. I liked mine a lot except for the lower BB.

sputniks are made with 631, not 853.

also: somas are made with tange prestige, if that matters at all to you.

Unless you do this, you have to leave.

[quote=conor]sputniks are made with 631, not 853.

also: somas are made with tange prestige, if that matters at all to you.[/quote]

Thats right. my bad. Something sounded odd about a sub-$1000 bike with 853.

With the exception of really shitty/heavy tubing, does anyone actually think they could tell the difference between different tube sets with the same geometry on the street? To me, that sounds like people complaining about the flex in their cranks when they ride in vans.

It would be hard to get a 1:1 comparison, but I doubt that I would feel any difference between grades of steel.

The Sputnik is more that $750, isn’t it?

I don’t really know much about tubing besides what everyone generally talks about. I don’t know the difference between 653, tange prestige, Reynolds, or anything I just know that some are better than others and they’re all better than 4130. I know about double butting and stuff bc I used to ride BMX. I’m really thinking about the IRO Angus bc it’s threaded which I really like. I like the older classic look over the modern Look And I’ve never heard one bad thing about them. Second choice would be the Steamroller theN the Sputnik.

I was also reading about the KHS Flite 100 what’s peoples thoughts on that bike? I’m trying to get a complete if possible and just sell off/swap parts from my Windsor.

What are some other completes worth checking out unless I’ve listed yhe main popular ones.

The KHS Flite 100 is the same thing as the Kilo TT, only spec’ed slightly differently. If I were just getting started and wanted a track bike for street use, I’d buy a Kilo TT Pro and be done with it.

all steel alloys have virtually the same modulus of elasticity
(or flexiness, or the amount of elastic deformation for a given force)
same density too
but fancy alloys are stronger

buy a windsor the hour frame that’ll fit you
i’m not telling you which bike is the coolest which is all you’re really asking
when you say you want something comfortable
with a “track feel” and complain what forks look like