Help me pick a new chainring for SS 29er commuting

Right now I’m running 32x18 for the trails, which is fine for that activity, but when I bring it onto the road I spin out (obvi). I’m thinking to switching to somewhere in the 42-45t range, but I really don’t have a feel for what these will be like on this type of bike. I run 49x17 on my ~FiXiE~, which is 77.1 gear inches, but when you factor in the rolling resistance for the 29er tires, I would guess that I would probably want to land somewhere lower than that. How much lower I don’t know. Maybe high 60’s? 42x18 would put me at 68 gear inches. What do you guys run in 29ER URBAN ASSAULT MODE?

Lower. 38x18 or something. Slow down, wheelie more, jump shit.

I was in same boat as you. Picked up SS 29er from friend who had it geared at 42/18. I switched it to 32/18 for trails. Honestly, if I was going to ride it as an urban commuter, I’d do 44-45 up front / 18 in the rear. With that you can “haul ass” (aka ride comfortably around 17) and still hop up and down little stuff.

I wouldn’t ever run more than 42/18, probably more like the 38 that Halbritt mentioned. If you went with some skinnier tires, then I’d go up into the 40’s. It’s probably worth mentioning that I run a 42/17 on my single speed with road tires, though.

What’s your chainstay clearance like?

Definitely gear up if you’re running skinny road tires, but why would you?

42 or a bit lower depending on tire size.

Like ckd I run 42x17 on my singlespeed commuter. Low gearing doesn’t afraid of anything.

Mine is set up as 42X18 and I like it. If you are going to use nobby tires and use it for riding in weather, I would stay fairly low. I may go to a 38 or even lower ring for winter.