help soundandmotion buy a BMX

alright folks i am in the market for a pretty cheap, used BMX
gotta re-live that childhood and do a bunch of goofy tricks, you know how it goes
here’s the deal: i don’t know shit about BMXs

so any help would be appreciated
i’m looking for something for street use, budget of about 150, no dept. store shit.
i’m looking around at the local craigslist and there seem to be a lot of options, but i can’t tell what’s a good deal and what’s not. ... maxAsk=max

any help?

P.S. this is my 1000th post, guess i’m in the big kids club now

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are you pretty serious about getting into it or just want to dick around?

150 is a bit low if you are really wanting to get into it

mostly just to dick around
i could go up to 200 or more if it’s a really good deal, because i’ll probably flip it back on craigslist in 6 or 7 months when i move across country
i just want the best value with the cash i have, and a reasonable ride for the time being.
i posted here because i can’t really tell the difference between something that’s a steal for 150 or a total ripoff, and i’m hoping some BMX folks will come out of the woodwork and give me a heads up.

ive heard fit makes pretty good completes that you might be able to find used. same with eastern

look at those fucking handlebars

as a tarcker, I’ll just say fucking buy that.

lol @ muscle bike


i get held up on pricing cause im kindof an elitist and i like nice BMX shit, but this looks to be an ok deal for dicking around on

edit: that fit would be better, im just going for your price range



this is hot as hell i could splurge a little, i’m gonna e-mail 'em
i didn’t even see that when i went through

edit: other suggestions are still welcome

yeah it looks worth checking out. in one pictures it looks like its missing a grip and the seat looks a little worn but thats no big deal.

that fit or the giant are good options.

specs on that Fit bike.

the pedals are named after me

100% 4130 is a definate plus

may i reccomend this

To be clear:

  1. buy
  2. put brifters on
  3. ???*
  4. profit!

*call up Grant Peterson and brag about how high your bars are and then laugh in his face while you tell him you put brifters on

My friend is selling a used FITco.

Not sure what kind of price he is willing to go to but he needs to move it.


[quote=“NitroPye”]My friend is selling a used FITco.

Not sure what kind of price he is willing to go to but he needs to move it.


sweet bike but fuck getting it shipped