help with anticonversion

i think im going to regear my old conversion since ive got me a tarck bike now. what are some good online resources i should check out? should i just head over to the classic&vintage forum over at bikeforums or…?

Ask here!

i shall!
im now considering just finding another old ass road bike that i can repair, so i still have a beater fixed gear, and i get to add another bike to the stable.

what size bike do you ride?
I have a frame, derailluers, shifters, brakes and levers, seat seatpost stem and bars I need to get rid of if you’re interested.
otherwise, i think myself and many other members here can help you with any questions you have.

id need somewhere around a 53-54, could go down to around 51, since my brother will probably ride it more than i.

Looks like a job for the Brakery

If you want another bike to build up, I have a 54 cm Ross frame from the 80’s and a partial shimano 600 group for it plus decent dia comp calipers and levers. PM me. I need to get rid of it before I move home.

If converting an old 10 speed into a fixed gear bicycle is called “fixing” it, is the OP trying to “break” his bike?