Hi Portland people. I'm going to be in your area and I need a big bike/cool things to do.

I’m coming up from Santa Cruz this Saturday and will be staying until next Monday. I’ll be checking out and staying around Oregon College of Art and Craft. I can’t bring a bike because I’m flying back and I don’t want to pay 100.00. If you have a loner…something in the area of 58cm-63cm that you wouldn’t mind letting me use for a bit, that would be awesome. Also, I’m going to have some down time and would love some recommendations for some cool shit to do or see. Best art galleries? Coolest part of town? Wouldn’t mind meeting some of you guys either!

I work for Santa Cruz mountain bikes so maybe that makes me seem trustworthy? I don’t know.

My ex went there. It’s a really cool campus. You should check out Museum of Contemporary Craft, but you probably knew that. Also, you should do the Alpenrose Cross Crusade if you can get your hands on a bike. Sometimes reps have bikes to demo at the races, dunno if there will be any at that race or not though.

Thanks! I didn’t know about the Museum of Contemporary Craft. I’ll look into it. Hope I can find a bike.

i would loan you a bike but of the 10 bikes at my house, all are too small for you.

i could rent you one maybe for free but our only rentals are these:

you can rent a bike from vanilla, $20 and your racing a speedvagen.
also comes with free coffee for life and UBI framebuilding lessons

Man, I would offer up the beater but I cant picture bombing down Burnside from OCAC with those sketchy ass brakes I have on there.

Bring a rain coat.

Can’t you just find some amazing bike on craigslist and then flip it for an insane profit before you leave?

I have a 57cm road frame and cranks you can borrow, if someone else can come up with the other components. You can ride singlespeed on that side of town. The MAX is only about a mile or so away, if you’re headed in or out of downtown.

I have a 56ish surly steamroller ss you can borrow. It’s set up townie style and I’m 6’1, 34 inseam. 47/16 ratio

I would not want to ride it all the way up burnside to ocac.

Send me a pm and I can give you more art shit to check out.

I have a 58cm cross bike. K2 enemy yo it’s like 50 years of 20 parts manufacturers all spray painted into one boner stemmed conglomerate. needs the rear hub serviced and pedals.
You’re welcome.