Hip bag

Anyone got one they wanna offload?

I’ve got one of those recycled banner Ritchey bags, it’s huge and weird tho.

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I was hoping for something like the classic Chrome hip pouch before they got huge and weird.

A have a dark blue Dakine thing. I’ll take a picture tomorrow

I also have a Chrome Kadet if you wanted that.

I’ve been looking at the Kade for a while. How much do you want for it?

$40 plus shipping? It’s the all black one with aluminum buckles.

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Rad. Send me an invoice? I’ll pm you my email address.

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Think I have an old reload one that attaches to your belt

My wife has a nitanny mountain works one that she doesn’t use. It’s tan and green and has cool rainbow stripes webbing loops.

i got a never used roadrunner black one

Thanks dudes. I’m gonna see how the Kade works out.