Hollywood Jeff appreciation post

I had forgotten about this guy, but he has been mentioned on both ATHBM and BSNYC recently.

Photo by

He was the only redeeming poster on RBR.

“You took a 2 year vacation. Specifically from cycling.”

“Yeah I’m not going to do anything in cycling that the UCI knows about.”

This is hilarious, pros & frame makers are so troll-able. Well done jeoffry

I can’t watch stuff like that for more than a couple minutes at a time. And it really doesn’t help that this guy only has a few bits he uses over and over.

I pronounce things wrong!

(photo by: Kevin Dillon)

^ hahah dyin’

Videos are pretty funny for the first minute or two, the leg shaving w/ Hatch was a bit too far, but photo by is genius.