holy cow


6,000,000 rpm

At first I was like, “that shit’s gotta be speeded up”, but then I saw that the dude standing there wasn’t moving mega fast. So now I’m like, “Damn”.


I don’t know. They all accelerate to an ungodly speed and slow back down at the same time. Regardless of how slowly the standing dude moves while they are spilling, I think it’s been sped up.

i don’t know /// i think it’s forreal

speed kills

that is probably b/c they are all working out together doing intervals - you can hear a voice giving directions - they are probably doing a timed interval. imagine if they had a mechanical in the middle of spinning that fast - your legs might fly off.

Looks totally authentic to me. This was obviously training, prolly some keirin team so it’s no surprise they have impressive legs.
It’s a shame the vid is low fps, can’t tell how many revs he is doing. Clearly over 200…

Well that’s how they hit 50mph on the track.

that was so funny I just spit poo all over the keyboard

i’m wondering why you have shit in your mouth?

hunh. never thought about it like that. lol.

they got 165mm cranks no doubt.

Thats pretty intense.