holyfuck! watch out tarkbear!


is he about to run over tarck bear?

animal cruelty. it may be cute, but it’s not cool.

Looks like he’s riding around in a mosque.

Brakeless? On platforms with no foot retention? Someone put this monkey in the jackass thread.

left side drive train. dope.

This dude is the most tarck evar:

^^haha so damn tarck

Is that a reflector or disco ball on his hat? Either way straight tarck.

It kind of looks like a button with Glenn Danzig or some professional wrestler on it.

opposable thumb feet are the new deep v’s.

that’s fucking awesome

Those monkey’s don’t have shit.

Dude, this is my favorite internet thread EVAR!!!
I can’t stop laughing!!!

Tarck Monkey loves skidz.

that first bike up there is definitely a conversion.

Kickin it in Oaktown…


Actually Nigeria :slight_smile:

“I agreed to travel with the animal wranglers to Kanu in the northern part of the country. One of them set out to negotiate a fare with a taxi driver; everyone else, including myself and the hyenas, monkeys and rock pythons, hid in the bushes. When their companion signalled that he had agreed on a fare, the motley troupe of humans and animals leapt out from behind the bushes and jumped into the vehicle. The taxi driver was completely horrified. I sat upfront with a monkey and the driver. He drove like an absolute maniac. At one stage the monkey was terrified by his driving. It grabbed hold of my leg and stared into my eyes. I could see its fear.”

i you sure he wasent just trying to hump your leg