Hope Pro 4s laced to Stan’s Flow - on eBay


They have the QR endcaps and 12mm end caps. Perfect for your road plus bullshit. Pretty sure those are DT comp spokes but idk.

They are those. Price is PPG shipped to US soil. Add $75 if you want those SBHs with ~300mi on them.


That bike sure is cool looking.
Did you say that it sucks?


It’s like it’s okay. Very turdly buttways and I can’t seem to get comfortable on it. I think it’s a little too big.


It looks real long.


It is. Maybe I need to suck it up and go full prolly fit with the zero-setback seatpost.

But that bunches up my back too much.

I hate bikes because none of them fit me good.


Literally just buy a smaller bike.
Or custom


I’m getting a smaller bike!

Custom is in my future though.


To break up fit-chat here’s a picture of the wheels back when they still had decals.


do any wheels look better WITH decals?


I actually kind of like the decals on WTB KOM and H+Son rims, but beyond that no.


I don’t mind the stickers on my koms. The gold sticker is a nice way to find the valve hole and also keep you from ever getting them super duper true.


Plz buy my stuff


Final price drop before eBay I guess.


I’m interested. How wide are the rims? How many speeds? Shimano splined? Dyno up front? This is for the pair of wheels?


@tehschkott 25mm internal. Shimano 11s splined. Freehub is a little chewed up, but still works fine. Hope front hub so non-dyno unfortunately. I’ve got 12mm and qr end caps for both wheels.


And yeah $350 for the pair shipped.


I gotta run it by the boss, let me get back to you.


Sounds good! I’ll scrounge around for an acceptable box!


I’m sorry, I thought I was going to be able to do it, but no. Sorry man. Good luck. :frowning:


No worries! I’m not in a big rush to sell them anyway!