hotter 'n hell 100 *update*

ride is this saturday (8/23).
who’s in?
i kinda wanted to get a short friday night ride scheduled, if enough people are down.

who’s in? :colbert:

not me. my neck/back are is worse shape than expected at this time, so there’s no riding ANYWHERE for me.

take lots of pictures though.

i may be up in north texas for the 24hour Time Trial in a few weeks though.

el roboto.
i might be down for a ride on friday. Roommate and I were considering riding DART into dallas and rolling around brakeless fixed, we haven’t hit dallas yet, we stay in the suburbs!! haha

i’ll be in wichita falls at noon on friday…come down for a night ride tomorrow!

I’m going to a free show at the Granada tomorrow. These two DJs that I like and this indie hip-hop duo, ha. that sounds so pathetic to say, but it’s rather good.

my tattoo shop is 13 seconds from the granada.

go there.

you work at a tattoo shop? or it’s just the one you always go to?
I haven’t gotten anything inked yet but I will shortly. I’ve been talking to Erik at Ace in the Hole. I’ve seen his work and he has a pretty good reputation, but what shop is this you speak of?

(say it slowly)

best tattoo shop. period.

nigga they cold blooded?

Thats really stupid.

Thanks for the kind words scott.
I really need to start caring about what you guys think.

i care. <3

[quote=“thehappyrobot”]Thanks for the kind words scott.
I really need to start caring about what you guys think.[/quote]

Not everyone. Just what I think.

Hey I’ll be up in wWichita falls at noon on friday as well. Dropping of my brother at MWSU.

Actually, it’ll be closer to 3pm. Just got word we’re leaving dallas at noon.